Company Info

There are many companies in India that sell electrical wires and cables but only few of those companies use pure and high quality copper for manufacturing wires and cables. The company’s products are among those select few.

Our electrical wires and cables have been widely accepted and used throughout the India by: hospitals, major universities and schools, laboratories, restaurants, foreign embassies, major airlines, and more importantly by major construction companies. Customer Satisfaction and customers sharing how good they feel about the product with others has been the hallmark of our success.

The company specializes in the residential and commercial electrical wires and cables that reduce the use of energy substantially. Simply stated, the company is strongly committed to the electrical wires and cables market and we welcome the opportunity to meet customer’s needs.

MARISON CABLES offers a complete satisfaction to its huge clientele for their needs related to electrical wires and cables. It also excels in pronouncing answers to all kind of cable selection problems with its gigantic team of engineers & experts. Thus with its expertise ensures safe energy transmission for its users in order to protect them from harms of electrical leakage and shocks etc.

Customer satisfaction has been a MARISON CABLES hallmark for years. Following its residential wiring systems success, MARISON CABLES today provides electrical wires and cable for all residential, commercial and industrial needs. Zero One Engineering’s multicade evolution into industrial cables and wires business is primarily due to the company’s growing business. While Zero One Engineering markets a range of standard electrical cables and wires, it’s also providing cables and wires as per customers requirements and specifications.

MARISON CABLES deals in Electrification Solutions for residential as well as industrial systems, PVC Insulated Electrical Cables and Wires. We have the sole distribution and marketing rights of international brand “MARISON” wires and cables.

A life time guarantee is provided along with a comprehensive customer support system. Now our online customer support provides our customers an instant access to our team of qualified engineers and professionals. We also provide Cables and Wires of different types and specifications as per customer needs.